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  • Topics: Business growth, communication, networking, sales, leadership, productivity, motivation.
  • Travels from: Travels from: Boston, MA

Diane Darling

"As a professional speaker, I am a tough critic, and Diane is the best of the best. Her delivery is exceptional." ~ Grover E. Cleveland, Attorney, Speaker, and Author

In 2003 McGraw-Hill commissioned Diane Darling to write the definitive book on networking called The Networking Survival Guide that went into a 2nd printing just 90 days after the book hit the shelves.

In 2005, McGraw-Hill published her 2nd book, Networking for Career Success which has since been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Portuguese, and Thai. Most recently they published a 2nd edition of The Networking Survival Guide to include updates about social media and how it impacts communication.

Collectively her books have been translated into 7 languages.

She's a former columnist for The Boston Business Journal. She has taught at Harvard Business School, 20th Century Fox, Cisco Systems, Bank of America, University of Texas Law School to name a few clients.

She has appeared on NBC Nightly News, in The Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, and The Boston Globe. She is a member of the CEO Club. Darling is also a random blogger.

She has lived in the Philippines, Thailand, Colorado, Indiana, Alabama and now in Boston, MA. Her travels include all seven continents and approximately 60 countries.

In 2003 she realized she needed to make a difficult decision. Reluctant to declare bankruptcy but facing substantial debt after family health issues and a business failure significantly due to 9/11, she gave up her apartment. In 2006 after some less-than-sane living situations, she quietly moved into the YWCA. She focused on paying off the debt and getting back on her feet. Since that time Diane has achieved just that.

In order to overcome her fear of public speaking, she took acting and standup comedy classes.

Networking is my secret weapon, and I mean both kinds. I've built my career on the technologies of networking computers – Ethernet, Internet – but I would still be a voice crying in the wilderness had I not learned the technologies of networking people. I learned networking the hard way, at one gruesome party after another. You can learn it the easy way with Diane Darling's book.

~ Dr. Robert Metcalfe
Ethernet inventor and 3Com founder


NETWORKING covers a variety of issues and in reality, affects relationships, sales, customer service and branding.   If you don’t see your issue here, contact us.  Diane will customize one specifically for you.

How to Navigate a Room
Best practices for attending functions and maximizing opportunities at events.

Top Networking Mistakes and How to Recover From Them
How to deal with those embarrassing moments and regain your equilibrium.

Networking in Difficult Economic Times
How to maximize your opportunities when the economy goes south.

Strategic Networking
Simple ways to increase networking ROI by developing a strategy to save time, energy, and money.

Networking for Introverts or for Techies
Teaching shy people networking skills and strategies for developing their own successful styles.

Teaching tech employees skills and strategies to interact successfully with their non-tech colleagues.

Networking for Career Success and for Recruiting
How to build and sustain those mutually beneficial relationships that will guide your professional life.

How to build the strategies and make the connections for successful hiring.

Networking Insights for Men & Women
Understanding the natural strengths men and/or women bring to networking, how to benefit, and how to avoid common mistakes.

Networking Strategies for People of Color
Addressing the challenges people of color face when networking and techniques to deal with them.

Networking American Style
This program is designed to help non-US nationals feel comfortable when networking with Americans.


First Impressions and Personal Branding
How to build your reputation combining what you say, do, wear, and conduct yourself.

Today’s Relationships – Tomorrow’s Clients
Tapping into current relationships to get clients today and positioning your future success by building solid relationships for tomorrow.

Empowering Your New Hires
Now that you've invested in new employees, teach them the people skills essential to succeed and grow.

Developing Top Talent
Strategizing with current employees to empower them to take ownership of their careers.

Maximizing Technology and Social Media
How to blend offline people skills and technology (Facebook, LinkedIn, email) to your advantage.

Nonprofits – Key Ways to Build a Board, Volunteers, and Donations
This program explores creative ways for nonprofits to engage their various stakeholders.