• Fee: $5,000 - $7,500
  • Topics: Sales, Speaking, Communications, Public Speaking, Coaching
  • Industry specialties: Golfing Industry, Sales, Women's Groups, Business Development and Associations
  • Travels from: Washington, DC

Jan Fox

She likes to say she came from a poor house in Shelbyville, Indiana, all the way to the White House and Hollywood interviewing many celebrities and US Presidents – a life she never could have imagined. Jan, the teacher, ended up on TV!

Jan won 3 Emmys at WUSA TV9 in Washington, DC: Best Investigative Reporting, Best Feature Story, and the coveted Station Community Service EMMY for her work on child car seat checks.

At the NBC station in Portland, ME, Jan helped bring the ratings from number 2 to number 1, with an unheard of 51% market share.

In Boston at ABC, she hosted the EMMY award winning talk show - Open House. Her "Sibilant S" start was less than stellar. You'll have to hear the story.

Jan’s book, GET YOURSELF on TV, answers the question she was asked while she was on TV, and even now: How do I get myself and my business on TV? The book tells you how to get the producer’s attention and tells you exactly what you need to do when you get to the studio.

Jan Fox is all about helping you and your audience Sharpen Your SPEAKability. Almost 30 years of TV experience, 4 Emmys, and dozens of other awards make her an EXPERT on Speaking. She has coached 33 TEDx Speakers and still counting. She has keynoted, emceed, moderated in front of hundreds of audiences, thousands of people, including many DC government agencies: CIA, HUD, FAA, Dept. of Interior, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. National Guard, and Ft. Meade.

Her client list is long and impressive, Marriott, Verizon, Agilex, Weddingwire.com, Well Point, Anthem, Billy Casper Golf, The Nat'l Golf Foundation, Law Groups, PR Firms, Accounting Companies, Business Conferences, Nat'l Car Week, Nat'l Assn. Golf Superintendents, Int'l Assn Hispanic Meeting Planners, NAPO, Pet Cemetery and Crematory Owners.… In each case, Sharpen Your SPEAKability helped:

  • Raise the communications level of the groups
  • Increase the confidence of employees & teams
  • Advance the purpose of corporations & associations
  • Reduce the fear of public speaking for the attendees

She holds a Masters Degree in Education from Lesley University, where she eventually directed the Outreach Program and taught graduate education courses to teachers.

SPEAKability for Sales: Speak Better – Sell More. Bottom-Line!

Learn to speak with high energy. Deliver a powerful call to action.

This program is perfect for Sales Meetings, Sales  Teams, Entrepreneur Groups, Businesses that have to sell to eat.

Jan says it’s not just what you say, but HOW you say it that makes the difference. You bring your content. Jan helps you polish it.

  • BEYOND the PITCH: Are you using stories, metaphors, case examples?  If not, your impact cup is only half full.
  • BUSINESS STORYTELLING:  Learn how to create a 5 – line business story in 5 minutes.  It could make the difference for a prospect.  Creates instant credibility.
  • OVERCOMING OBSTACLES:  Discover Jan’s EVA method for countering any objections. Learn how to PREVENT obstacles in the first place.
  • QUICK RESULTS:  Practice SPEAK TWEAKS – simple techniques to boost your presenting confidence fast. Get your prospects’ attention sooner.

Calm the “Sales Call Jitters” forever.

Place yourself on Jan’s “Comfortability” Continuum. Learn what you have to do to move up a notch.

Take Jan’s Fox Talks FLOPS Test – Fear and Loathing Public Speaking Test. Jan has radical cures to get you over this disease, because public speaking is one of the fastest ways to grow your sales business.

Lucky Participants will have a chance to experience SPEAK TWEAKS Hot Seat laser coaching.  You deliver lines from a presentation.  Jan gives you instant critiques.

Signature Keynote: Sharpen your SPEAKability

Public Speaking Is the Fastest Way To Build Your Business

Jan’s Sharpen Your SPEAKability program guarantees that you will walk out a more compelling speaker and a more powerful leader.

Jan Fox delivers anything but your Daddy’s Presentation Skills Keynote. Instead, she uses her unique style, years of experience, and high-level audience engagement to prepare you for big impact.

She wants to take you to your fullest speaking potential. We all know people who aren’t as gifted, as productive, or as knowledgeable as others in the group, but somehow they get ahead. They reach bigger quotas. They lead more effectively.

They move up the ladder. Why? Because they could Speak! They could SELL it, whatever “it” is.


Do you:

  • Speak to lead, but see that no one is following?
  • Go on client calls, but need to power up your close?
  • Present to your team, but want to persuade more effectively?
  • Communicate lots of words, but wish for better connections with the audience?
  • Speak in public, but know you could deliver your vision with more passion?
  • Shake in your boots when you speak, but know you have an important message?

Quick Results: Speak Tweaks

Jan’s proprietary SPEAK TWEAKS process gives you immediate confidence and she doesn’t even have to say the word.

  • Learn one physical move that makes your new confidence almost palpable
  • Defeat “Death by Podium”.  Work the room like a pro. Are you a Glue Stick, a Hider or a Flit? You’ll see what you need to be to deliver with power
  • Stop “Stall Language” that keeps you from getting to your important points
  • Tell stories that truly inspire
  • Cure the “uhms”, “errrs”, and “ahhs” – sure message blockers – once and for all
  • Find out where your eyes should REALLY look. Angelina Jolie will show you. You won’t forget it
  • Delete “Dreaded Hanger Disease”. Make your hands follow your words
  • Fix what you don’t like about your voice type. Do you know it? Avoid the “Flat line.” It comes in many varieties.
  • Understand that Q&A is not the enemy
  • Put the POWER in your Power Point – 25 ppt Points

You will be inspired to SPEAK your greatness! When you SPEAK it, you will believe it. So will your followers. That’s priceless!

SPEAKability for TV: Get Yourself on TV

Learn how to get on TV, and what to do when you get there

Jan’s book is a fast read – full of INSIDER secrets to get you INSIDE the studio.  Jan’s Get Yourself on TV presentation is the same. She teaches you to create their own “Persuade the Producer Plan”, and how to design their individualized “Self-Contained Segment in a Box, Basket, or Bag.”

If your business or group wants attention from a local TV station, you’ll need to forget emails, phone calls, press kits.  They don’t get answered, rarely even a glance. You’ll learn funky, but proven methods for getting yourself under the lights.

Now, what do you do when you get there? Jan tells you everything you need to know:

You ask a question about the studio. Jan will answer it.

You’ll find out why she pulls a live lobster out of a box in this talk! Yes, everybody squeals – including the lobster.

Perfect for Opening, Closing, or Luncheon Keynote – Groups that like insider entertainment along with  important communications lessons.

Design Your Own Keynote: Celebrity SPEAKability Tips

Design your Own Keynote from the Pages of a TV Reporter’s Notebook.

Jan has interviewed many celebrities and even Presidents of the United States. She tells funny, inspiring, thought-provoking vignettes and adds a SPEAKability Tip from each one.

Choose as many as you like from her list.  Learn the SPEAK TWEAK from each that will empower and engage your teams on the job and in life.

  • Dolly Parton
  • Bill Cosby
  • Zeke on Parenthood
  • J. K. Rowling
  • Maya Angelou
  • Bill Clinton
  • George H. W. Bush and many more 


Jan loves challenging herself to customize every message for every audience where she emcees. She is great on the fly! Can handle any last minute change, as if it had been on the program all along. That’s a skill.

The mark of a good moderator is to listen to the answers and lead with great follow-up questions. Jan puts herself in the audience’s seat and asks the questions they want to hear.