• Fee: $5,000-$7,500
  • Topics: Working caregivers, age diverse customers, clients and patients, Intergenerational Conflict Resolution
  • Industry specialties: Healthcare, Associations, Senior Living, Human Resources
  • Travels from: Baltimore, MD

Jennifer FitzPatrick, MSW, LCSW-C, CSP
Gerontologist, Speaker, Seminar Leader, Author

Keynote speaker Jennifer L. FitzPatrick MSW, LCSW-C, CSP is a gerontologist with over 20 years' experience in working with age diverse patients, clients, customers and workforces. Her experience includes counseling working caregivers, meeting the needs of age diverse customers, clients and patients as well as maximizing the advantages of age diverse workforces. Having started her career in senior living at age 16, she is the founder of Jenerations Health Education, Inc., a full service training company.

Jennifer FitzPatrick holds a Master's degree from the University of Maryland and recently earned the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation through the National Speakers Association. The CSP is held by less than 700 professional speakers worldwide.

Jennifer FitzPatrick has been an education consultant to the Alzheimer's Association for nearly a decade and also has taught gerontology at the college level since 2001. Her current academic appointments include teaching as an instructor at Johns Hopkins University's Gerontology Certificate program where she is passionate about helping students transition into careers serving our expanding older adult population. She is the author of dozens of articles on age diversity at work, working caregivers and best meeting the needs of our older population. Her first book will be published by Greenleaf Book Group in 2016.

Do you want your keynote speaker to give your audience:

  • Best practices on how to effectively promote and sell products & services to the mature market?
  • Inspiration on how to capitalize on the advantages of an age-diverse workforce?
  • Evidence-based strategies on how to adapt existing products & services to the growing mature market?
  • An action plan on how to deal with the hidden productivity thief that’s robbing them of their or their employees’ time, energy & creativity: caregiving for an older loved one?
  • Practical and cost-effective ideas on improving a workplace culture where valued employees can balance doing a great job at the office while dealing with family caregiving stressors?
  • Actionable steps on how to work with mature market customers or clients they suspect are struggling with cognitive impairment or other disabilities more common as we age?
  • Valuable evidence-based ideas on balancing the challenges and needs of an age-diverse workforce?

Are you looking for a keynote speaker who:

  • Is interactive & engages the audience during the presentation?
  • Helps the audience find humor and the light side of serious issues like caregiving?
  • Engages your attendees before the meeting so the presentation can be tailored to help them solve their most pressing problems?
  • Prioritizes making your life easier by adhering to requests and deadlines in a timely manner?
  • Makes you look like great by customizing the presentation to exceed the audience expectations?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, keynote speaker Jennifer FitzPatrick would likely be a great match for your meeting.  Let’s have a conversation to talk about your meeting goals and desired outcomes.  As much as she loves to share her message, keynote speaker Jennifer FitzPatrick’s policy is to only accept keynote speaker engagements when she believes she is the right fit for the meeting.  When she is not the right fit, she is happy to refer you to a keynote speaker she believes is the right match for your meeting.

Managing the Competing Responsibilities of Caregiving and Work

If you are caring for an older loved one while working a full-time job, you may feel you aren’t doing anything as well as you’d like. This interactive training will help you set priorities, let go of unnecessary tasks and focus on how to improve quality of life for yourself and your older loved one while exceeding expectations at your job.

Benefits include:

  • Valuable employees who are working caregivers (40 million Americans) don’t quit
  • Employees take less unscheduled time away from the workplace
  • Organization is more profitable

Increased Productivity, Decreased Stress: 7 Tips for The Weary Working Caregiver

You can balance it all and you don’t need to be super-human. But it does take a thorough, well-designed plan. This interactive training helps you to create a realistic and healthy outline on how to succeed at work while managing the care of your older loved one. You will take away a personalized plan to implement immediately.

Benefits include:

  • Increased morale and loyalty of employees who are working caregivers
  • Decreased turnover of superstar employees
  • Better service to your customers and clients

Effective Intergenerational Conflict Resolution for Millennials to The Baby Boomers And Beyond

It is often those so-called “small things” at work that generate the most tension. From why so many Baby Boomers can’t stand telecommuting to why so few Millennials like talking on the phone, understanding values specific to each generation is critical to preventing conflict. Awareness and respect for age diversity in the workplace leads to more collaboration and less tension resulting in more productivity and profitability.

Benefits include:

  • More collaborative team-oriented work environment
  • Less time spent managing employee drama
  • Increased productivity of staff