• Fee: $9,000 - $12,000
  • Topics: Employee Engagement, Team Dynamics, and Workforce and Leadership Development
  • Industry specialties: Heathcare (both front line and leadership levels) and Human Resources
  • Travels from: MD

Vicki Hess, RN, MS, Certified Speaking Professional

Top 5 Healthcare Speaker - Your go-to resource for positively impacting employee engagement in healthcare

Her unique views on patient & employee engagement are evidence-based, relatable and real world. Organizations that implement Vicki's ideas experience increased productivity, safety, quality, retention, client satisfaction, creativity and more.  

As a keynote speaker, trainer, consultant and author of 4 books; Vicki inspires clients to take action by sharing high impact, easy to implement ideas that transform the way people work.  

Vicki holds a BS (Nursing) from the University of Florida and a Master's Degree in Human Resource Development from Towson University. She was an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University Graduate School of Business for five years.  

Vicki writes for industry and association publications including Hospital & Health Network, Becker's Hospital Review, NurseTogether.com, and others.  


Engagement, Every Step of the Way: Successfully Leading Change in a “Do More With Less” World
Why Your Employee Engagement Scores Aren’t Improving and What You Can Do About It
The Engagement Survey Results are In…Now What?
Employee Engagement for the New Care Model: Straight Talk for Changing Times

Thriving in a “Do More With Less” World: 5 Steps to Less Stress, More Energy & Remarkable Results at Work
Professional Paradise Road Trip: 4 Steps to Go From Jammed Up to Joy Riding

HR Professionals:
Why Your Employee Engagement Scores Aren’t Improving and What You Can Do About It
Slather on the “Secret Sauce”: Real-World HR Strategies for Creating a Culture of Employee Engagement
Engagement, Every Step of the Way: Successfully Leading Change in a Do-More-with-Less World

Keynotes & Training Programs Available for:
Hospitals / Healthcare Systems
Healthcare / HR Associations
Corporations that support hospitals / health systems


New Book Image - 6 Shortcuts.jpg

6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement is a treasure trove of easy to implement, high-impact ideas for leaders struggling to keep employees engaged. Most leaders really do want to improve employee engagement - they just don't have an effective method that works along with (rather than in addition to) all the other priorities in their day.

6 Shortcuts - Healthcare.jpg

The Healthcare Edition of 6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement includes the same great easy to implement, high-impact ideas for leaders struggling to keep employees engaged with a special focus on healthcare. Taking into account the rampant change healthcare leaders and their teams are experiencing, Vicki provides an effective method for improving engagement that works along with (rather than in addition to) all the other priorities in their day. 

SHIFT book.png

SHIFT to Professional Paradise: 5 Steps to Less Stress, More Energy & Remarkable Results at Work - Are you sick and tired of having to do more with less? Are you struggling to keep up at work dealing with constant change? Using the proven, proprietary and simple SHIFT methodology, you learn to turn workplace POWs into WOWs and walk away with the skills and the tools to create a Professional Paradise you have only imagined until now.


Nurse Manager Guide Book.pngThe Nurse Manager's Guide to Hiring, Firing & Inspiring
Real Solutions for Busy Nurse Managers - As a nurse manager sandwiched between frontline nurses and executive management, your job isn't easy. The Nurse Manager's Guide to Hiring, Firing & Inspiring by Vicki Hess, RN, MS, CSP, is loaded with:

  • Tools, steps, stories, and engaging models to streamline your to-do list
  • Real world ideas for overcoming real world challenges
  • Proven strategies for hiring the right person for the right job
  • Simple techniques inspiring current staff members  


Vicki Hess worked with our physician practice administrative and provider leaders at a recent Engagement Summit. She and her team were extremely organized and thorough in getting to know us. We can now better coach other vendors on preparation for working with us. Vicki delivered a dynamic presentation that was high energy and engaged our leaders. We appreciated having the ability to customize the copies of her book which we provided for everyone. Having our logo on the cover and the special Foreword on the inside make it more relevant. The best news is that the conversations about associate engagement have continued after the conference and her books can be seen on desks throughout the office. We are talking with Vicki about additional support she can offer and we look forward to working with her again in the future.

Dianne Wassall
Manager, Talent Development

Vicki presented at our Pathways to Leadership conference and close to 500 current and emerging leaders participated in one of two full-day sessions. The collaboration between Vicki and our team prior to the event allowed her to create and present a tailor made learning experience for our leaders. She aligned her presentation to support areas of focus we were working on related to employee engagement. The tools and resources she provided fit perfectly with our efforts. Aside from a great presentation, Vicki worked with our Linkage committee to ensure the follow up “Action Plan” cards she handed out to the participants were used to keep her message alive in the future. Pre-event planning and post-event follow up allows her to rise to the top of the many speakers we have invited to our organization.

Phillip Waldmann
VP Supply Service & Leadership Training COO

We’ve gotten nothing but really, really positive feedback about Vicki Hess’s leadership workshop about employee engagement. The team leaders and unit council chairs who attended found the information very beneficial. Every one filled out an Action Plan that we are using internally to promote accountability and follow through. I know from using Vicki’s tools in the past that her ideas work. The engagement on my team increased and that’s why we invited her to work with our formal and informal leaders. The session was a success and now we are starting the Engagement Excelerator Virtual Coaching Program to keep the momentum going for the next 12 months.

Christie Gray, MS, CNS, RN, NEA-BC
Vice President of Operations and Chief Nursing Officer

We invited Vicki Hess to present at two of our regional Leadership Development Institutes. She was a great opening speaker, setting the right tone for the meeting. She really connected with our audience and got them thinking about employee engagement in a different way. The leaders who attended referred back to Vicki’s ideas as the meeting progressed so we knew the concepts were well received. The feedback after the session was very positive and I’m actively recommending Vicki as an external resource to my peers. She helped our leaders connect the dots so vital in creating an engaged workforce and culture, and for that we are happy with our time spent working together.

Katrina Greene
Director, Leadership & Organizational Development
HCA MidAmerica Division

We engaged Vicki Hess to work with our leaders and staff to boost employee engagement. We were very pleased with her work. She is down to earth and relatable to all. Her tools were helpful and her stories were a wonderful way to reinforce the main points. She is a true professional. Following the sessions, the buzz has been fantastic. People are still talking about what they learned and how to implement it. We are planning to hold a study group using the concepts from her book about engagement. We found working with Vicki to be a great value for our money and highly recommend her services.

Dustin Ho-Gland, Manager
Nursing Professional Practice and Development